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Stronger Together

The ERide Repair Network is composed of independently owned and operated repair shops that range from high end commercial storefronts that service Onewheels, Scooters, EUC's, E-Bikes, E-Skates and pretty much anything else you can think of, to more specialized shops that a few talented individuals run in their spare time to serve the community's needs for local repair and service.

Our Story - the beginning to today

The ERide Repair Network started as a group of people with shared interests in repairing electric ridables, sharing their knowledge, experience, techniques, and parts among the group, so as to enable each other to provide better and more complete service to customers.  Eventually this grew into a strong network of shops, which have come together as a team under the ERide Repair moniker, and we wish to welcome you to our website. 

Here you should find everything you need - but if not, or,  if you have any questions, please reach out to your closest shop, they'll be happy to help you get sorted out!