In business since 2017, Miami Boardshop is the place for Onewheel repairs, used boards and gear, and VESC solutions

Fort Lauderdale's Onewheel Shop

Miami Boardshop North welcomes you to contact us for any of your Onewheel service needs. We specialize in Onewheel repair and customization - so if you're looking for a hot new custom board, or just want your board repaired, contact us today!

Run by Chris Richardson, pro Onewheel rider.

Experienced service

With experience working on every model of Onewheel, as far back as the V1, all the way to working on the newest GT and GTR customs, and even VESC based boards, you can count on us to deliver the best results when it counts! We've been doing this since 2017 and we are proud of our reputation for stellar service and high quality work.

Proudly installing the best quality products from:

  • Armor-Dilloz Tire Sealant

  • The Float Life mods and accessories

  • Land Surf accessories

  • F(X)ction safety gear

  • Badgerwheel waterproofing, accessories and mods

  • MakersPEV Authorized Dealer for Little FOCer VESC based controllers and complete builds.

  • CHI Battery Systems battery upgrades

  • and many more, ask for availability for the freshest new gear, or bring your own and we can install it for you!

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Plantation, FL